The First Clip From Season Three of “Star Trek: Picard” Arrives as Jean-Luc Picard Gets a Message From the Past

The first clip from season three of Star Trek: Picard has arrived via The Ready Room with Wil Wheaton. The main focus of The Ready Room was on the just-completed season of Star Trek: Prodigy. However, once it finished looking back at this recently completed season, the show concluded by looking forward to the next season of Picard. The first clip from season three was shared on the show. The clip shows Admiral Jean-Luc Picard getting a message from the past… sort of. Watch the clip in this episode of The Ready Room. Skip to 28:48 to watch only the clip and not the entire show.

As can be seen in the clip above, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard is at home once again on what appears to be a peaceful evening. This is disrupted by the sound of the chirp of a communicator, that clearly he doesn’t recognize. When it is revealed that it is his communicator from Enterprise-D 20 years before, that makes a little more sense that he might not recognize it. The question then becomes who and why someone would be reaching out to Picard via an old communicator that hasn’t been used in decades. The plot thickens as it is discovered that the signal is coded and requires a password to be heard. Before the communicator can be answered, the clip ends.

Star Trek: Picard - Beverly Crusher

With what is known about the next season of Star Trek: Picard, it is very possible that the person sending the message is Beverly Crusher or someone with a message regarding her. Previously, it was shared that the season starts with an attack on her ship. However, there could be surprises here. Another surprising thing is that Picard is using glasses. Will this be explained in the story as it was with Admiral Kirk in Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn or will fans be left speculating? Perhaps showrunner Terry Matalas will provide answers on Twitter as he has been known to do.

There are a lot of questions that will be answered in the third season of Picard. The season is being billed as the continuation of the crew of Enterprise-D’s story. “In my mind, I would’ve called it ‘Star Trek Legacy,’” Matalas says. “I mean, it is truly a Picard story. He is the focus. But the spirit of it is different than seasons one and two, just because of what it is.” While the third season of Picard is the end of this series, it could be a jumping-off point for some of the characters that appear. While nothing has been announced officially, Matalas shared that the possibility is definitely there.

Season three of Star Trek: Picard will arrive exclusively on Paramount+ in the United States on February 16, 2023. It will have 10 episodes that are released weekly on Thursdays. What do you think of this first clip from Star Trek: Picard? Are you excited about season three of the series? What is your prediction for who is sending the message to Admiral Picard’s old Enterprise-D communicator? Share your thoughts, opinions, and predictions in the comments below!

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