Thank you for wanting to contact DAPS MAGIC. Please use this page to contact with questions about Disney or geekdom at large, media opportunities, advertising questions, inquiries about joining our team, or just to share a comment. We will read and respond to each and every message as quickly as we possibly can. You may also contact us through FacebookTwitter or Instagram.


Through the years, DAPS MAGIC has covered many events both in the Disney realm and the geek realm. We have covered special events for the Walt Disney Company including media events at the Disneyland Resort, The Walt Disney Studios,  D23 events (including D23 Expo), The Walt Disney Family Museum, Phoenix Comic Con, Leaky Con, Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, Fellowship: The Musical Parody of The Fellowship of the Rings, Knott’s Berry Farm, and several other events. DAPs Magic also reviews movies, Blu-Rays/DVDs, video games, books, and other merchandise.

DAPs Magic will consider covering or reviewing the following:

  • Walt Disney Company products
  • Disney Events
  • Geeky products that are family friendly
  • Movies, DVDs/Blu-Rays, Video Games
  • Books (in the realm of Disney and/or Geek)
  • Board Games
  • Geek Events
  • Geek Technology
  • Dapper or Geek Chic Clothing (particularly bow ties and trilby hats)
  • Travel Products
  • Travel Lodging
  • Travel Activities
  • Other Ideas

Product reviews require a nonrefundable samples. Consideration for all reviews will be based on if it fits in with the mission and core values of DAPS MAGIC. To be considered for a review, please contact


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