New Star Trek: Picard Poster Released Showing Jean-Luc’s Pet!

A new poster has surfaced on the internet for the upcoming Star Trek: Picard show that is coming to CBS All Access. In it, Jean-Luc Picard is shown standing with a dog. It appears the two are standing in France at the Picard vineyard that showed up in Star Trek: The Next Generation and also Star Trek: Generations. Next to the two stand barrels of what is presumably Chateau Picard, the family wine.

Star Trek: Picard Poster

There isn’t a ton known about this show yet. However, with San Diego Comi-Con coming up soon expect more details about Star Trek: Picard and other Star Trek programs to be shared. What IS known at this point is that Picard was an admiral. After commanding the “greatest rescue armada in history,” whatever went wrong led to him leaving life in Starfleet. It was the “unimaginable” and it had a great cost. He now apparently is retired, with a dog, living out his days making wine at the family vineyard. While there was definite pain in his departure from Starfleet, it must not all be bad as Picard put the Starfleet command delta on his dog’s collar. What adventures this will lead to for Picard is completely unknown at this time.

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