California Legislators Urge Governor Newsom to Reopen California Theme Parks

california legislators

It is no secret that leaders are getting anxious for Disneyland and other theme parks to reopen. Last week Josh D’Amaro put out a plea to Governor Newsom to give theme parks guidelines to reopen as Disney has reopened all other parks around the world. This week, California legislators joined in the call to reopen theme parks with a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom.

In the letter, they note that many indoor activities have been permitted to reopen. Of course, theme parks mainly operate outdoors, so the legislators address that they should be allowed to resume operation.

In the letter, they praise Newsom’s concise plan for protecting Californians from further spread of COVID-19. While the praise him for the guidelines that he has released, they ask again for Newsom to release guidelines for theme parks. His plans have excluded guidelines for theme parks, which means that they don’t know when they will be able to reopen again, or will be able to plan for it.

If Governor Newsom gives California theme parks concise guidelines for reopening, the officials will get a better picture of when they will be able to call back their employees and resume operations.

If you want to read the letter from the California legislators in its entirety, you can read that here.

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