Early 2021 runDisney Events Going Virtual Due to COVID-19

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As COVID-19 has continued to be present in the United States, Disney has had to make many difficult decisions to keep everyone safe. This afternoon, Disney announced that they would be transitioning two of their [...]

Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro Urges California to Let Disneyland Reopen

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This afternoon, Disney held a safety briefing to discuss some of the protocol that has come about since parks around the world have begun to reopen. In the briefing, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro called [...]

Disney to Host Press Conference Regarding COVID-19 Situation

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Disney is hosting a press conference on Tuesday regarding the current situation of the Disney Parks and COVID-19. The press conference is supposed to provide updates on the parks and resort operations globally during the [...]

The Great EPCOT Challenge – Traveling to Florida

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https://youtu.be/WTI4NJQQzO8 On Friday September 18, 2020 Murray and I (Mr. DAPs) flew to Florida to spend a week at Walt Disney World Resort. Generally, this is the time of year I would visit Florida. This [...]

Disneyland President “Disappointed” With California’s Lack of Progress on Theme Park Reopening

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Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock has issued a statement sharing his disappointment over California's lack of progress in issuing reopening guidelines for California theme parks. The news comes after both California theme parks including Disneyland [...]

Hong Kong Disneyland Celebrates 15th Birthday Virtually

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https://youtu.be/Nus1yUmPz1I   Today Hong Kong Disneyland celebrates its 15th birthday. Due to the fact that it still hasn't reopened a second time due to COVID-19, the celebration of this date is happening virtually.  To help [...]

Photo Report: Disneyland Paris During its Phased Reopening

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Disneyland Paris continues its phased reopening since being closed due to COVID-19. A good friend of DAPS MAGIC Desirae recently visited Disneyland Paris and shared some photos and insight on what the experience is now [...]

All You Need to Know About Current Trips to Walt Disney World And More! – DAPS MAGIC Live!

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With the impact of coronavirus, it is a very interesting time to be a Disney Parks fan. There are lots of questions swirling around during this unprecedented time. Is it safe to go? What are [...]

Walt Disney World Attendance Down 80% Says Deutsche Bank

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Earlier this month Disney CEO Bob Chapek shared that attendance at Walt Disney World Resort wasn't what was expected. The lower attendance numbers were attributed to COVID-19's effect on travel. Now, another group has come [...]