Shanghai Disneyland to Reopen on June 30

After being closed for 101 days, Shanghai Disneyland is reopening on June 30th. An announcement on the Shanghai Disney Resort website shared the news. Both ticket sales and annual pass reservations will be resuming on June 29, 2022.

The announcement was made on June 28, 2022, in Shanghai. The resort closed earlier this year as the pandemic resurged in the area. It has been slowly reopening parts of the resort which included Disneytown, Wishing Star Park, and the Shanghai Disneyland hotels.

With the reopening of the park, health and safety measures will remain in place. This will include limiting the capacity for many of the experiences, attractions, shops, and restaurants at Shanghai Disneyland. Some attractions and experiences will remain closed until it is deemed safe. This includes Explorer’s Canoe, Garden of Whimsy Selfie Spot – Meet Mickey, Marvel Heroes Headquarters, and others. Social distancing will also be instituted.

More details about the reopening of Shanghai Disneyland and the protocols that will be in place can be found on the Shanghai Disney Resort website. Below is the full post that was found on Shanghai Disney Resort’s website.

Shanghai Disney Resort Reopening Post:

Shanghai Disneyland will resume operations on June 30, 2022. Theme park tickets will be back on sale from June 29. In the early days of the resumption of operations, the park will reopen on a prudent basis with enhanced health and safety measures in place. Disneytown, Wishing Star Park and Shanghai Disneyland hotels have resumed operations.
In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, Shanghai Disneyland will implement current restrictions in the initial stage of resumption of operations, and further implement strict health and safety measures. In the initial stage of resumption of operations, most of the attractions, amusement projects, entertainment performances, shops and restaurants in Shanghai Disneyland that are popular with tourists will resume operations on the basis of limited traffic. Some experiences including Explorer’s Canoe, Garden of Whimsy Selfie Spot – Meet Mickey, Marvel Heroes Headquarters and more will remain temporarily closed. The park will also take various operational measures to maintain social distancing among visitors. Visitors are advised to visit the official website and app of Shanghai Disney Resort to learn about the opening and operating arrangements of attractions and entertainment performances, as well as relevant epidemic prevention and control regulations.
Shanghai Disneyland tickets will be back on sale on June 29, 2022 at 7:00 am. Visitors can make purchases through Shanghai Disney Resort’s official website, app, official WeChat account, reservation service center and various official travel partner channels. Daily tickets are limited and while stocks last. At the beginning of the resumption of operations, Shanghai Disneyland will temporarily provide a 30-day rolling ticket price calendar. The resort’s on-site ticket booths will remain closed, and visitors are advised to purchase designated day tickets in advance before arriving at the theme park.
Admission reservations for the Shanghai Disneyland Annual Pass will also restart from June 29, 2022. In the initial stage of resumption of operations, all annual cardholders must make an appointment for admission to the park in advance through the resort’s official online channels to ensure smooth admission. The reservation page will update the rolling reservation calendar for the next 30 days (including the current day) at 13:00 every day, so that annual card holders can check the available dates for the corresponding annual card types and make reservations. Each annual card holder can reserve up to 3 successful reservations at the same time within the 30-day reservation period. The validity period of the Shanghai Disneyland Annual Pass will continue to be extended until further notice.
Epidemic Prevention Requirements
Shanghai Disney Resort will continue to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements and take the latest operational measures in accordance with the guidance of relevant government departments. A safe and happy play environment is inseparable from the active cooperation and strict compliance of every tourist with the epidemic prevention and control measures, and jointly create a healthy and comfortable tourist experience with the cast and crew of the resort.
-During the reopening period, all areas will operate with limited traffic;
-All tourists, including everyone in the group, regardless of age, must hold a green “applying code” and nucleic acid within 72 hours (from the time of sampling) A negative test certificate is required to enter any area of ​​Shanghai Disney Resort. According to the government’s epidemic prevention requirements for tourist attractions, holding a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours is a must. Therefore, tourists who only hold a nucleic acid sampling certificate within 24 hours without a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours will not be able to enter the holiday. Area. We strongly recommend that tourists register and apply for the “Suishen Code” in the “Suishanban” app, the “Suishanban” WeChat applet or the “Suishanban” Alipay applet before arriving at the resort to ensure smooth entry into the resort. Tourists without smartphones (including the elderly and children) can apply for a “relative application code” on these platforms through their accompanying relatives, and tourists who meet the application requirements can also apply for a paper version online through the “One-stop Service” platform Offline “Send Code”. Visitors who use the offline “Suishen Code” must also present their original valid ID documents, and the performers will scan the offline “Suishen Code” and check the valid nucleic acid test certificate before entering;
– Upon entering Shanghai Disney Resort All tourists must scan the “Venue Code” and show the green code to the cast and crew, or show the “Applying Code” for the cast and crew to scan and verify the valid information. When entering different areas of the resort, visitors may also need to scan the “Venue Code” of relevant areas (including but not limited to restaurants, theaters, etc.);
– All visitors entering Shanghai Disneyland Hotel check in at the front desk or the Magic Kingdom VIP Lounge You must present the green “Communication Big Data Itinerary Card (Itinerary Card)” and fill in the “Travel Information Registration Form”.If the visitor fails to scan the “Venue Code”, fails to present the green “Applying Code” and a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours, fails to present the green “Itinerary Card”, or arrives at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel 14 days before arriving at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel You may not be able to stay at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel if you pass through high-risk areas of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in China. According to relevant government requirements, tourists who have fever or have symptoms such as cough, sputum, runny nose, sore throat, chest pain and chest tightness during their stay will be required to go to the hospital’s fever clinic for treatment;
– All tourists entering Shanghai Disney Resort are at Temperature checks must be taken upon arrival;
– All visitors must wear a mask at all times during their stay at Shanghai Disney Resort, whether indoors or outdoors (except when dining only);
– All visitors must strictly abide by social distancing requirements, queuing, watching outdoor performances or dining Maintain a safe distance from other visitors;
– Encourage all visitors to maintain good personal hygiene;
– All cast and crew at Shanghai Disney Resort, Disneytown tenants, employees, and third-party suppliers will conduct regular Nucleic acid testing, antigen testing, and temperature testing and recording;
– The resort will continue to strengthen sanitation and disinfection measures and increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection.
Ticketing Product Policy
Shanghai Disneyland has extended the validity period of valid Designated Day Tickets, Non-Designated Day Tickets and Annual Passes. Details are as follows:
– Designated Day Tickets: The original ticket dates are from March 21 to June 29, 2022 For designated day tickets (including two-day tickets), the validity period will be extended for six months from the reopening date of Shanghai Disneyland. Visitors with these designated day tickets can visit the park on any day between June 30 and December 30, 2022. When visiting, visitors can present the original ID card or travel document used to purchase the original ticket at the entrance gate of the park in exchange for the same-day ticket*.(The extended designated day ticket only includes the park ticket, and does not include other rights previously bound to the ticket. If the designated day pass product you purchased includes other rights, such as food and beverage vouchers, you can choose to purchase through the original purchase channel Refunds will be issued.)
-Non- designated day tickets: After the park reopens, visitors can still use Shanghai Disneyland’s non-designated day tickets that are still valid on and after March 21, 2022, and the validity period of the tickets will be extended accordingly. All visitors with tickets for non-designated days of Shanghai Disneyland must reserve their entry date in advance through the resort’s official online channel ( ). Tourists can contact the original purchase channel for consultation, and learn about the specific admission process and the policy for the extension of the ticket validity period.
-Annual card: For annual cards whose original validity period ends on or after March 13, 2022, the validity period will be extended, and the validity period of annual card benefits will also be extended accordingly. After the park reopens, the resort will communicate with the annual cardholders about the specific extension arrangements and details in due course. Please follow the Shanghai Disneyland Annual Pass WeChat Mini Program for the latest information and more details.

*According to the current passenger flow management policy of Shanghai Disneyland, if there is a “big passenger flow day” under the maximum carrying capacity requirements based on government guidance, and relevant flow restriction measures must be taken, all tourists holding non-designated day tickets, including this time Specified day tickets that have been extended due to the temporary closure of the park may not be able to enter the park on the same day. Shanghai Disneyland will release relevant information in a timely manner through the official platform of the resort.

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