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Hong Kong Disneyand Set to Reopen This Friday, September 25

Today, Disney Parks gave fans some exciting news! They announced that Hong Kong Disneyland would be reopening once again this Friday, September 25!

The park originally reopened to the public on June 18 but closed their gates on July 18 after they had seen an increase in cases. They even celebrated their 15th anniversary virtually just over a week ago! It is encouraging to see that the numbers have gone down once again and guests will be allowed to safely re-enter the park and feel the magic! To see their safety protocol from their original reopening, you can look here.

While all Disney parks closed due to COVID-19, Disneyland is now the only park that has not reopened to the public. Fans are hoping to see this change soon as California continues to trend in the right direction. Only time will tell what will happen next for the Southern California parks but we will definitely have our eyes on tomorrow’s press event with Disney executives.

Are you excited to see Hong Kong Disneyland open once again to make magic? What are your predictions for the future of parks around the world? Be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know what you think could happen next!


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