Disneyland Paris Watch Parties Debut With Full Disney Illuminations Video

Disneyland Paris has kicked off a new video series on its YouTube channel. Called Disneyland Paris Watch Parties, the first video presented in the series is of Disney Illuminations in its entirety. This comes as the park continues to remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Disney Illuminations utilizes projection technology, fireworks, fountains, lights and of course the magic of Disney music as it brings to life classic Disney moments. This includes Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, Star Wars, Frozen, Cinderella, and more! It came to Disneyland Paris as a part of its 25th-anniversary celebration.

Disneyland Paris will be celebrating its 28th anniversary on April 12, 2020.

Disneyland Paris Watch Parties – Disney Illuminations

The Disneyland Paris Watch Parties will be showcasing some of the biggest shows from the resort. The announcement was made on Facebook earlier this week. With the announcement, a poll was taken for what should be the first show as part of the series. Disney Illuminations won. More videos will be released at 4:00 pm (Paris time) on Wednesdays and Sundays Disneyland Paris shared.

Disneyland Paris Watch Parties arrive as opening dates for the Disney Parks around the world continue to remain unknown. Since guests can’t visit the parks, Disney is bringing some of the magic of the parks home. What do you think of this new video series that Disneyland Paris has created? What did you think of Disney Illuminations? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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