New Beauty and the Beast Attraction at Tokyo Disneyland Beautifully Recreates Animated Classic

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Tokyo Disneyland is set to officially debut a new attraction based on Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast next month. Ahead of its official arrival, guests at Tokyo Disneyland are getting to experience the attraction entitled The [...]

Walt Disney World Theme Parks Shows Preparation for Phased Reopening With New Video

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Disney has released a new video showcasing how the Walt Disney World Resort is preparing its theme parks for guests to return this weekend. It was shared via social media on multiple handles. Walt Disney [...]

While Staying at Home, There is More Than One Way to Show off a Love of DuckTales!

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Like so many people right now, Nathan Hatton has found himself sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike many people, Nathan also happens to have several woodwinds lying around the house. He also, like [...]

10 Hours of Doctor Strange: Live from the Sanctum Sanctorum

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Marvel posted on its youtube channel ten hours of ambient noise coupled with some animations of Sanctum Sanctorum, home of Doctor Strange. This video was livestreamed earlier this week and includes multiple Easter Eggs and [...]

Disneyland Paris Watch Parties Debut With Full Disney Illuminations Video

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Disneyland Paris has kicked off a new video series on its YouTube channel. Called Disneyland Paris Watch Parties, the first video presented in the series is of Disney Illuminations in its entirety. This comes as [...]

Get a Virtual Knott’s Berry Farm Visit With These Videos and Recipes

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Knott's Berry Farm has released some ways to have the Knott's Berry Farm experience from your home.  One way is with some delicious recipes featuring the iconic Boysenberry edge.  Among the recipes are... Knott’s Boysenberry [...]

Cast, Crew, and Special Guests Turn Out For Timmy’s Failure: Mistakes Were Made Hollywood Premiere

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The cast and filmmakers from Disney’s Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made attended the film’s premiere in Hollywood at the El Capitan Theater. The movie is based off a book of the same name. Director Tom McCarthy, author/screenwriter Stephan [...]

Friendship Featurette Showcases Friendships on Set of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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This week at Brazil’s Comic-Con Experience 2019 (CCXP) in São Paulo a new featurette for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It features the friendships that exist among cast members on the set of the [...]

Special Look at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Looks at Over Four Decades of Star Wars!

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Tonight during The American Music Awards (AMAS), a special look at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was shown. This special video took a look at not only the new Star Wars movie but over [...]

Disney+ Wishes Mickey Mouse a Happy Birthday With an Exclusive Tribute

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It's Mickey Mouse's and Minnie Mouse's birthday today!  Disneyland and Walt Disney World have gotten into the occasion with some special offerings, but they are not the only ones.  Disney Plus has added a special [...]