A Full Day Reopening Disneyland

On Friday April 30, 2021 Disneyland reopened its gates to guests (who had a valid ticket and reservation). The DAPS MAGIC team was on hand to cover the historic day. Thousands of pictures were taken, livestreams were broadcast, video was shot, magic was experienced, friends were reconnected with. With the video, a vlog was put together that chronicled the entire day. This vlog is intentionally long to give our viewers the best opportunity of experiencing things as close to what the team experienced.

Through the course of this vlog, there are moments from before the park opened, entry of the park, moments with characters, attraction ride-throughs, food reviews, and more! It is quite simply a beautiful day as guests returned to the Disneyland Resort. We hope you enjoy it. We would suggest just turning it on and letting it go! You may want to watch it exclusively or you may want to have it on in the background! We hope you enjoy it! Please let us know what you think about our reopening day experience and what your favorite part of it was in the comments below! We hope to see you in the parks again soon!

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