Coffee Champion Goes to Disneyland – DAPS VLOG

Welcome to this week’s DAPS VLOG! This week was a bit of a different week for the DAPS MAGIC team. The day began not at Disneyland, but instead at Starbucks. Caitie was competing in a competition there. This is a competition that she ended up winning! After the big win, some In n’ Out, and then a DAPS MAGIC team meeting, everyone ended up at Disneyland for the evening. It made for a nice end to Dapper Day.

The focus of Mr. DAPs and Caitie, however, was really all about Star Wars. After a big weekend of Star Wars news, it only seemed appropriate to seek out Star Wars in the parks and go on Star Tours. Before this though, the group met up with some friends for a stroll through Disney California Adventure. After which, it was time to head to a galaxy far, far away. Then the team watched the end of the fireworks before heading to Fantasyland to go on an adventure with Pinocchio. As the night wrapped up, they met up with a good friend (@sentfromdisneyland) for a fun and historical evening looking at classic park maps and photos!

As the night ended the team made their way back to the cars and into the night. It was a great day for all and it was fun bumping into so many amazing people in the parks! It’s always wonderful getting to see old friends and make new friends while at the Disneyland Resort! We hope you all enjoy this week’s DAPS VLOG and we hope to see you in the parks! Make it a great week everyone!