Traditional Disney Character Meet and Greets Return to Disneyland Resort

Traditional Disney character meet and greets have returned to the Disneyland Resort. This morning Mickey Mouse and the gang were greeted with cheers at 8:00 AM as they made their way into Town Square for traditional meet and greets with guests for the first time in over two years. The DAPS MAGIC team was on hand to document this magical moment (check out our tips for meeting Disney characters here).

In some ways, it was like no time had gone by and it was any other day at Disneyland, in others, it was one of the most magical mornings at Disneyland. So much of it was just like before the pandemic. However, there was an added element as guests once again got to pose, hug, laugh, high five, get autographs, and walk with Mickey and the gang. Smiles were in great abundance as guests got to once again have those special moments with their old friends. There were also a surprising amount of happy tears, including surprisingly enough from this Disney reporter.

All around Town Square, there were people happy to stand in lines to meet with their favorite Disney characters. The lines were surprisingly not super long, however. Photopass was on hand to take photos of guests meeting Mickey Mouse. Some hosts were also happy to take photos of guests with their phones.

Near the end of the first set, Mickey Mouse took a stroll around Town Square. He made magical moments the entire way around as he interacted with people starting their day at Disneyland. There really aren’t many better ways to start a day at Disneyland.

The return of traditional meet and greets Disney characters marks another step forward in the phased reopening of the Disneyland Resort (and also Walt Disney World Resort). While the Disneyland Resort hasn’t completed its phased reopening yet, it is moving in the right direction. Later this week another healthy dose of magic will be added with the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade, Disneyland Forever, and World of Color!

What do you think about the return of traditional Disney character meet and greets? Are you excited to meet Mickey and the gang? Who is your favorite Disney character? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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