Disney D-Light Drone Show Coming to Disneyland Paris for 30th Anniversary

Disneyland Paris will begin its 30th anniversary celebration starting on March 6, 2022. With this celebration kicking off, there will be new entertainment, foods, merchandise, and more! One of the new entertainment offerings is a pre-show to Disney: Illuminations. This pre-show, called Disney D-Light, will create an incredible new moment of magic for guests visiting Disneyland Paris.

Disney D-Light will feature video projections, illuminated water jets, lighting effects, mist, Disney music, and also drones. They will be choreographed to fly around Sleeping Beauty Castle to add an extra dose of pixie dust. The combination of drones and all the other effects will transform the castle like never before.

To bring this magical moment to life, this show will feature 200 drones. The drones were designed with the assistant of Dronisos, the official technology provider for Disneyland Paris that is based in Bordeaux. The drones will appear at the climax of this new nighttime pre-show. Together they will fly in the sky over Sleeping Beauty Castle and form a sparkling “30” above the castle. A new theme song that has been created for the 30th Anniversary,”Un monde qui s’illumine” or roughly “A world that lights up,” will accompany the moment. The soundtrack for this song was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. This particular version of the song was arranged particularly for this show.

Disney D-Light will be the first time a Disney Park has used drone technology as part of a daily outdoor show above its castle. Disneyland Paris shares that this is part of an effort to make Disneyland Paris even more immersive and also to use technology to pave the way for emotion.

As is common with most outdoor Disney entertainment, this show and the drones will be dependent on weather and safety conditions. If they are deemed unsafe, they will not be shown.

What do you think of this new pre-show coming to Disneyland Paris for its 30th anniversary? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!