Marvel Comics News Digest Featuring Update on X of Swords and Venom’s King

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Marvel Comics has some updates on a couple of events.  One of them is about X of Swords that is supposed to greatly change the X-Men.  This time there is a nemesis for Wolverine in [...]

Marvel Comics News Digest Featuring X-Men’s Apocalypse and Honoring Indigenous History

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Marvel Comics released a few bits of news that are of note.  As part of Indigenous History Month in November, Marvel will celebrate with both a special comic and several special covers.  It is a [...]

Disney+ Debuts New Sneak Peeks at Upcoming Docuseries Marvel’s 616

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Today, Disney+ shared two exclusive sneak peek clips from the upcoming new original anthology docuseries, “Marvel’s 616.” The first clip is from the episode “Higher, Further, Faster” directed by actor/director Gillian Jacobs, which shines a light [...]

Marvel Comics Presses Pause on Some Upcoming Releases

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With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to sweet the globe. Many comic book fans are unable to go out and get their favorite releases as comic book stores have been shuttered to help people social distance [...]

Marvel Comics News Digest With Info on How to Get an Exclusive D23 Marvel Comics #1000

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Marvel has an exclusive variant cover to their anniversary #1000 at the D23 Expo.  Find out how to get one.  There is also more information on all the festivities for the 80th anniversary, and a [...]

X-Men’s House of X and Power of X Get New Trailers and Variant Covers for Marvel Comics #1000 in This Week’s Marvel News

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X-Men House of X and Powers of X are set to completely change the X-Men and Marvel universe.  After quite a few years of some weird stories and many of the longtime favorites becoming deceased [...]

Marvel Comics News Digest Featuring C2E2 News – Carnage, X-Men and More

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MARVEL COMICS UNVEILS PUBLISHING SLATE FOR 2019     New York, NY — March 23, 2019 — This weekend, Marvel unveiled its 2019 Publishing Slate to a hall of fans attending Marvel’s Next Big Thing [...]

Prepare to Go Higher, Further, Faster for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel with These Key Comic Issues

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Are you excited for the release of Captain Marvel in a few weeks? Do you know Carol Danvers' history in the Marvel Universe? No? Well, lucky for you, I'm here to help. Working in a [...]

Marvel Comics News Digest Featuring “Change the World” Champions Teasers

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This week in Marvel Comics news celebrates the new Captain Marvel series, has some variant covers to advertise a new card game app, and introduces a "weird" storyline for the Champions! CHANGE THE WORLD!? Even [...]