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Marvel Comics Presses Pause on Some Upcoming Releases

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to sweet the globe. Many comic book fans are unable to go out and get their favorite releases as comic book stores have been shuttered to help people social distance and stay in place. This has led to Marvel Comics making the decision to pause work and the release of some of their comic books.

Marvel Comics will be pausing both work and the release of approximately 1/3 of its comics that were set to be released in May and June. The news comes as the entertainment industry at large feels the effects of the coronavirus. According to Newsarama, a Marvel representative confirmed that 15% – 20% of its comic book titles will be affected. This number is become some titles are released twice a month.

A Marvel representative shared that the company is making the move “to help spread the amount of publishing product over the coming weeks and months.” At this time, when publications not affected by the pause will resume publishing is unknown. According to Marvel, “as soon as more information is available, we will outline our longer-term plans.”

Marvel began to notify the comic book creators of the decision on Friday Marvel confirmed that “all talent will be paid for their work to date.”

What this means for the future of the impacted titles is unknown at this time. Also, which titles it impacts is also a big unknown currently. Recently, Marvel announced a new comic book that will tie in Spider-Man with Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure. There has no been announcements regarding any changes for this series that is supposed to arrive ahead of the opening of Avengers Campus.