Top 5 Disney Stories of 2023: #3 World of Frozen & Zootopia

As the countdown continues for the top Disney stories of the year, the international openings of two elaborate lands takes the third spot.

Both World of Frozen and Zootopia have long been known to be opening at some point in the Chinese parks. But, much mystery surrounded opening dates and what exactly was in store for the respective langs.

World of Frozen had a bit more known going in. Disney had previewed a roller coaster and Frozen Ever After attractions for the area. Zootopia had more mystery to it. There was to be an attraction, but no indication of exactly what it would be like. And how would each land shape up around the attractions?

More and more was divulged in D23 Expos and other preview opportunities. Finally, within this year, it was announced that World of Frozen would open in November and Zootopia would be open in December. World of Frozen got more previews at Destination D23 and the parks blog. It showed off the quaint, but detailed, village for the Frozen movie. Zootopia didn’t have more than previews of audio animatronics, but once more was shown it was clear this would thrust guests into that world.

Both openings have taken the Disney world by storm. World of Frozen’s runaway hit is not the attractions, but an interacitive little troll. Zootopia has opened to long lines to get in, and some immersive ways of interacting with the citizens, besides the thrilling Hot Pursuit attraction.

It’s clear these are both hits not just in Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland, but even over here in the US as many are eager to take a look at these lands.

What do you think of these new Disney areas to hit the world? Let us know in the comments below. Also take a look at some of the coverage we had for these two new theme park immersions.

World of Frozen
World of Frozen

World of Frozen


World of Frozen’s little troll


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