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Introducing Mossie, A Love Expert in Training, at Hong Kong Disneyland

Mossie, a cute baby troll, is melting the hearts of many fans at World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland. The new interactive and talking troll is the surprise star of the World of Frozen and joins beloved “Frozen” characters Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Oaken strolling the streets of Arendelle interacting with guests. In a video on the Disney Parks TikTok channel, Mossie was seen and heard saying her name, as well as “hi” and “bye” to guests.

@disneyparks Okay, Mossie is the cutest baby troll 🥹 #Disney #DisneyParks #WorldofFrozen #HongKongDisneyland #Frozen #DisneyCastLife #Mossie ♬ original sound – Disney Parks

Mossie is an original character brought to life by the team at Hong Kong Disneyland and created in partnership with Disney Live Entertainment at Walt Disney World. The teams worked closely together in partnership with Walt Disney Animation Studios to create a magical experience where guests could meet the young trolls as seen in the films in a new, and fun way only Disney could do.

Here are three fun facts to know about Mossie before you chat with her:

  • Mossie is carried by her “nari” or teacher who helps Mossie learn about the human world.
  • Mossie loves meeting new people and is fascinated to learn where people are from and what they have with them. Don’t be surprised if she asks you lots of questions!
  • Mossie loves to be in portraits so be sure to take lots of photos and selfies with her.

So be on the lookout for Mossie as she makes surprise visits in the Arendelle Forest near Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs when World of Frozen opens on November 20 at Hong Kong Disneyland!


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