Goofy’s Birthday is Celebrated with an Impromptu Moment at Disneyland

Today is Goofy’s birthday! At Disneyland, a special moment was created for Goofy’s birthday in Town Square in front of the Main Street Station. As Goofy was surrounded by Mickey Mouse and the rest of his friends with the Straw Hatters behind him, someone yelled “It’s Goofy’s birthday today” and suggested singing “Happy Birthday.” This led to an upbeat and jazzy singing of the song in honor of Goofy. Throughout the song, all of the characters danced along with Goofy as guests sang along to the music of the Straw Hatters. At the end of the song, Goofy thanked everyone, and a magical moment was made that will live on in the memories of those in attendance.

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On May 25, 1932, Goofy first appeared in the Mickey Mouse cartoon Mickey’s Revue as Dippy Dog. He would keep the name of Dippy Dog for two years before becoming Goofy. Initially, he was only meant to show up in one cartoon. However, he was loved so much by audiences that he was brought back again and again until eventually, he was one of Mickey’s closest friends.

As time went on, Goofy would go on to learn how to do a lot of different things, with accidents happening along the way as a narrator guided him through the process. He would also appear in the Mickey Mouse Club and other Mickey Mouse cartoons through the years before becoming a centerpiece in his own series where his son Max was introduced.

His voice has grown and changed throughout the years. Initially, he was voiced by Pinto Colvig. Through the years, Hal Smith, Will Ryan, and Tony Pope would lend their voices to the character. Now, Disney Legend Bill Farmer carries this torch.

Today, Goofy is just as beloved as ever and Disney guests love to visit him in Disney Parks. Join Daps Magic in wishing Goofy a very happy birthday today! In the comments, share what your favorite Goofy appearance, role, cartoon, or moment is. Happy Birthday, Goofy! We love you!