Spend Your Holidays Singing Loud for All to Hear at Goofy’s Holiday Dance Party at Disneyland Resort

Are you ready to take on the holidays at the Disneyland Resort? Starting this weekend, the holidays have gotten even better! Goofy and Max have taken over Tomorrowland Terrace for a truly magical holiday event! We went to Goofy’s Holiday Dance Party this weekend and it was a blast!

The Dance Party, happening between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m., features a lively DJ and a chance to show off some of your best moves! While there are plenty of holidays tunes to enjoy, one of my favorite moments of the night was Goofy and Max showing off the moves to I2I from “A Goofy Movie.”

As an exciting treat for guests attending Goofy’s Holiday Dance Party, Goofy has invited some of his closest pals to join the celebration! In just a 20-minute period, we saw Goofy and Max, along with Pluto, Peter Pan, and Wendy. Each character that comes to the party is decked out in festive wear and has come prepared to hang out with you!

Goofy’s Holiday Dance Party is a perfect opportunity to meet characters in a natural and fun environment. There’s no standing in lines here! Simply jump on the dance floor and you’ll be dancing with some of your favorites before you know it! I loved getting an opportunity to stand at the back of the floor and watch the party. Not only were kids loving a chance to see characters up close, but adults were enjoying the chance too! While some folks were shy to jump on the dance floor, the perfect throwback holiday tune had them singing and dancing without them even realizing.

With so much to see at the Disneyland Resort, we highly recommend a stop by Goofy’s Holiday Dance Party! Even if you only stop by for a song, we’re convinced you will have just as much fun as we did! Check out our video below for an idea of what the party looks like:


Will you be attending Goofy and Max’s party this year? Who do you hope to meet? Let us know!


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