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Anaheim City Council to Consider 2% Ticket Tax for Large Venues Including Disneyland

Anaheim’s city council is considering a measure tonight that could see theme parks like Disneyland in the city and other large venues get a 2% ticket tax. The tax wouldn’t just impact Disneyland tickets, it would also apply to the tickets for Angels Stadium and the Honda Center. Although, a current deal with the city would see the taxes for Angels Stadium returned under the current lease agreement.

According to council person Jose Moreno, this initiative could raise an additional $82 million a year. This could go to city services and other projects. Moreno said that the funds could potentially go to building a second public pool, restoring library services to seven days a week, the additional hiring of police and firefighters, and potentially building and staffing a dedicated senior center.

In order for this tax to move forward, five of the six Anaheim council members would have to vote yes. It would then go onto the ballot for voter approval in November. For the tax to pass, it would need 50% plus one. If the tax were to be approved by voters in November, it would help Anaheim continue to recover from financial challenges brought on by the pandemic. Last year Anaheim had a $114 million budget deficit.

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