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Ticket Tax Fails to Gain Traction with Anaheim City Council

A proposed ticket tax that would have added a 2% tax on tickets for large venues in Anaheim has failed to garner support from the Anaheim City Council. The tax would have impacted venues like Disneyland, the Honda Center, and Angels Stadium. Spearheaded by Councilperson Jose Moreno, if it had passed, the initiative would have been placed on November’s ballot.

The tax was discussed for an hour during the council meeting on Tuesday night. The discussion became heated and a five-minute recess was called at one point. When it came to a vote, however, no other members of the council joined Moreno in voting for it.

If the tax had passed both the council and then at the ballot, it was hoped that it would bring in an additional $82 million a year to the city coffers. Some council members feared the additional tax would discourage tourism. Another concern was how it would impact large charity events.

For now, this is the end of the line for this tax. However, there is still a 15% hotel occupancy tax that is expected to generate $167 million in this fiscal year. The tax rate is among the highest in the state.

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