Anaheim City Attorney Informs City Council That Disneyland Resort is Exempt From Measure L

Sleeping Beauty Castle on a Rainy Day at Disneyland!

Measure L is a ballot initiative that will be voted on by Anaheim voters this November. If passed, it would require certain hospitality businesses in Anaheim to pay a “living wage.” The Anaheim City Attorney informed the Anaheim City Council on Tuesday night that the Disneyland Resort is exempt from the upcoming Measure L if it were to be passed. This opinion was backed by a letter from attorney Richard McCracken, who helped write Measure L who confirmed that the measure does not apply to the Disneyland Resort.

This opinion was contested by some supporters of Measure L who argue that a bond agreement between Anaheim and the Disneyland Resort over a parking structure should make Measure L applicable. This included the Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Moreno.  The City Attorney disagrees, however, saying that deal does not amount to a tax rebate. Two council members also agreed with this assessment.

The discussion about Measure L was spirited with sharp divides between the two sides. One side believes there is an increasingly hostile attitude towards business growth in the city of Anaheim. The other believes it is looking out for the future of Anaheim with initiatives like Measure L. The disagreement will continue beyond Tuesday nights meeting. One council member suggested that union leaders will most likely file a lawsuit to settle this dispute.

The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce also weighed in on this issue. “The staff report presented today reaffirms that Measure L is a deeply flawed measure that would at best benefit about 150 Anaheim residents, but hurt everyone else, said Todd Ament, President/CEO of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce. “By driving at least two planned major hotels out of Anaheim, the measure would cost thousands of jobs and take away millions in needed revenue to support public safety and homeless services. This is a bad deal for our city that helps a few at the expense of many.” 

What do you think about this disagreement over Measure L? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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