California Supreme Court Rules Against Disney Regarding Anaheim Minimum Wage Law

The California Supreme Court has ruled against hearing an appeal from Disney regarding an Anaheim wage law that applies to the lowest wage earnings in the city, or at Disneyland Resort this would be the lowest paid cast members. The result of this will lead to them to get a boost in their wages.

This comes after the 4th District Court of Appeal raised back pay for cast members this summer in a class-action lawsuit that was filed on their behalf. California’s Supreme Court decision will mean that this order will stand and that Disney will be facing a new reality regarding cast member wages.

“Disney’s at the end of the road in terms of appeals,” said Sarah Grossman-Swenson, an attorney representing Disney cast members. “The appellate decision is clear that Disney is required to comply with the law. The only issue left is the amount of damages.”

The origin of this dispute between Disneyland Resort cast members and the company began in 2018 after Anaheim votes passed a law for a $15 minimum wage for companies in Anaheim’s resort area that received a “tax rebate” from the city. Measure L, as it was known, was put on the ballot by a coalition of Disney unions.

Ahead of the election, Disney asked Anaheim’s City Council to drop a 45-year gate tax shield and also a $267-million bed-tax break for a luxury hotel project that has since been abandoned. Disney believed that with the agreements canceled that the law would not apply to the Disneyland Resort.

Disney unions brought a class-action lawsuit against the company in December 2019 to dispute Disney’s reading of the law. Initially, an Orange County judge sided with Disney. This was overturned by the three panel Court of Appeals earlier this summer.

It seems that this ruling ends this legal fight and Disney will be forced to comply with Measure L. This was confirmed by Disney officials to the Los Angeles Times.

What do you think about this most recent development in this dispute? Is it the right one? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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