Preparing to Retire, Disney’s Bob Iger Returns to Weatherman Roots

Bob Iger, the former CEO of The Walt Disney Company and current Executive Chairman of Disney’s Board is about to retire. Iger’s television career with the company began in Ithaca New York in 1973 where he was a weatherman. He would join ABC the following year.

As the end of his run with Disney gets closer, Iger returned to his roots this morning. In an interview on KABC Iger stated, “I have not done the weather in 48 years.” This statement was a prelude to him getting up and reporting on the weather. For the first time since he was 23, the 70-year-old Iger gave the weather report on Disney-owned KABC in Los Angeles this morning. He stepped in for the regular weather person Leslie Lopez.

“By the way, I started as a weatherman when I was 23 years old,” Iger told Lopez. “So that possibility exists that you could become the CEO of The Walt Disney Company.”

Iger’s report on the weather started fairly straightforward and then loosened up as it continued.

“There is light rain falling across the Southland this morning, expected to get just a little bit heavier as the jay — day — progresses,” reported a bit stiffly after stepping in. “However, this is just a prelude to a big storm.”

As the report continued, Iger got into his groove and appeared to enjoy it more. “Very nippy on Saturday morning by the way — 62 degrees in the Los Angeles area,” he said. “The beaches, near where I live? Ooh, 46 degrees on Saturday morning. That’s when I bike ride. I think I’m going to have to watch out for some early-morning frost!”

As a weather person in 1973, Iger wasn’t necessarily a success. In fact, the role only lasted a year for Iger who realized that his dreams of becoming a news anchor wouldn’t be happening. He did joke in interviews while promoting his book The Ride of a Lifetime that giving the weather gave him a useful skill.  “It taught me how to give people really bad news,” he said. “It’s Memorial Day. It’s going to rain all weekend.”

Iger is set to retire completely from The Walt Disney Company as the year comes to an end. During his time leading The Walt Disney Company, Disney opened Shanghai Disney Resort, purchased Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Marvel, and grew into the powerhouse company that it is today. Disney also launched Disney+ towards the end of his stint as the CEO. Iger’s book The Ride of a Lifetime chronicles his career and the lessons learned from it.


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