Pixar Co-Founder Ed Catmull to Retire from Walt Disney Company

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Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull is retiring. The 73-year old will be retiring from leading both the Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios next year. He will continue on in an advisory role through July 2019. [...]

Revered Director John Musker Celebrates Retirement

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After a wonderfully productive four decades, legendary animation director John Musker has taken his retirement from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Musker, most well-known for his work with fellow luminary Ron Clements, made his directorial debut [...]

Disneyland Piano Player Ragtime Robert Retires From Happiest Place on Earth

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For the last decade, guests visiting the Disneyland Resort have stopped by Coke Corner and heard Ragtime Robert tickle the ivories. As of Saturday March 18, 2017 Ragtime Robert has officially hung up his vest [...]

Bye Bye, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies – Popular Band Leaving Disneyland

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For two decades Disneyland fans have delighted in "buck teeth," violin bows getting stuck in the nose, classic rock sung as if they were country/bluegrass songs, and of course the Orange Blossom Special's "train thang." On [...]