For the last decade, guests visiting the Disneyland Resort have stopped by Coke Corner and heard Ragtime Robert tickle the ivories. As of Saturday March 18, 2017 Ragtime Robert has officially hung up his vest and hat as he officially retired as a Disneyland ragtime piano player.

Ragtime Robert began his magic making at Coke Corner on May 14, 2006, fulfilling a lifelong dream of playing at the Happiest Place on Earth. Throughout his career, he dreamed of playing one of the most famous pianos in the world: the piano at Refreshment Corner (affectionately known as Coke Corner) at the Disneyland Resort.

His personality was magnetic when he arrived at the piano and soon he found himself be a host of devoted followers who loved listening to his magic making. Whether he was performing with the Dapper Dans or the Mad Hatter and Alice with a game of Musical Chairs, Robert would always go above and beyond to make a memorable experience.

While some would think that a rainy day at the Disneyland Resort could be a downer, for Robert it was just another opportunity to make the day special. The piano moved inside, magical musical moments would happen throughout the day as Robert interacted with whoever happened to make their way in from the weather. He was also often known to play an impromptu piano duet with guests. Some of these guests he knew and others he didn’t. Sometimes he even played duets with Rod Miller, his predecessor at the piano.

Ragtime Robert’s relationship with DAPs Magic began shortly after he began working for the Disneyland Resort. This friendship led to the DAPs team helping him with the production and promotion of his two albums and Robert was a guest for one of Geeks Corner’s more memorable Christmas episodes where he and I played a duet together.

Ragtime Robert made thousands (if not millions) of memories for the guests who stopped by the piano at Coke Corner while he was playing. These memories will be treasured by all who had the opportunity to meet him and here his magical music. While we say goodbye to Ragtime Robert at Coke Corner, we look forward to upcoming performances outside of the Resort and remember that there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow where Robert will be performing and we can’t wait! Best wishes in retirement Robert!

What is your favorite Ragtime Robert memory?