New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Swings Online

Marvel Studios and Sony have released the newest Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer online.  Some of it repeats things we’ve seen already, but a lot more is revealed.

It seems like a new Spider Tracer is revealed at the very beginning.  It’s a small device Peter Parker uses to track people and things.  Whatever it is, it’s a mechanical bug that flies from him.

Another interesting note in technology is the suit.  It doesn’t seem to be spandex, but conforms to the wearer with a button.

There’s a fun exchange between Peter and Ned, his friend.  Ned discovers Peter is Spider-Man and asks questions.  It even reveals a sort of cameo of Captain America, played by Chris Evans.

Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., is seen throughout the trailer, and probably throughout the film.  It’s even shown that he tries to take back the Spider-Man suit that he gave Peter.  Parker is also seen fighting Vulture, the big bad, in his made up suit.  When these events take place in the film timeline is yet to be seen.

The movie looks like it will be a fun, but epic look at the life of Spider-Man.  I love seeing the expanded Marvel Cinematic Universe at play in the film.  It makes Spidey rooted in everything, but still the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

My guess is that family is a major plot point of the film from what the Vulture says in the trailer, and knowing a bit of Spider-Man history.  But, there is still not a lot known about the main plot.

If there’s anything about the trailer that I’m a little disappointed in is that it revealed a lot of the movie…at least it seems that way.  Spidey uses his homemade suit at one point, saves a ship, has help from Iron Man, and those are now not surprises for the film audience.

Still, it looks like a great film that will be in theaters in July!

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