My First Dapper Day- Fall 2012

Dapper Day is an incredibly popular, fan-organized event meant to celebrate stepping out to the parks in style. This semi-annual event is for any type of “dapper” dress, from classic vintage to today’s fashion. Next month’s Dapper Day Spring outing will mark tenth official Dapper Day! Over the last few years, I’ve learned quite a bit about how to make the best out of the event, and wanted to share my top five tips!

5 Tips to Successfully Preparing for Dapper Day
  1. Consider your style Though a lot of people will be dressed in traditional 50’s vintage, don’t be afraid to wear whatever you love to dress up in! As fun as it is to dress up in a different way, you’ll most likely be spending an entire day in the parks, and want to feel completely confident and dapper! Which brings me to…
  2. Keep yourself comfortable You’ve found the perfect outfit, but it’s itchy. Or you love a dress, but maybe the straps are a little tighter than you’d prefer. If little things like that bother you when you first try on the outfit, it will start to get in the way of having the best Dapper Day you could. Staying comfortable is one of the best way to assure you have a positive day!
  3. Consider your shoes adore the look of a pair of high heels with a cute dress. My feet, however, absolutely do not love the pain of heels, so I skip over them all together for Dapper Day. You can find me around the parks in shoes that aren’t considered “dressy” but match and keep me comfortable. Want cute pictures in shoes but don’t want the pain of walking around Disney? Bring a change of shoes! That way you stay comfortable, and can still get pictures of the look you imagined.
  4. Dapper Day Fall 2016

    Bring a bag Want to bring that spare pair of shoes I mentioned? Need a portable charger because you’ll be live Instagramming/Snapchatting/Tweeting the day away? (Guilty!) The best place to keep everything together for the day is a bag styled to your outfit. Unique Vintage is not only one of my favorite online stores for Dapper Day, but they also have a varied collection of novelty bags that could match any look you’re going for!

  5. Be yourself! This is, and always will be, the most important tip I have for Dapper Day. Sure, lots of people will be wearing classic makeup looks, but you want to wear a neon green lipstick? Do it! You don’t necessarily feel comfortable dressing up the way everyone else does, but want to dress up in a way that makes you feel confident? Go for it! Dapper Day isall about personal style and expressing yourself!

You can find all the details about this year’s Dapper Day Spring outing and all its locations on their website! Will you be attending this season’s outing? Have any more tips? Let me know!