Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger Leaves California Governor Newsom’s Economic Recovery Task Force

Bob Iger, Executive Chairman of The Walt Disney Company, has left California Governor Gavin Newsom’s economic recovery task force. A Disney spokesperson confirmed this to The Sacramento Bee. The spokesperson declined to say why or when Iger left the task force.

The news of Iger’s departure comes in the midst of massive layoffs at Disney as Disney Parks, Experiences and Products begin the process of letting go of 28,000 cast members.  It also comes as Newsom prepares to unveil guidelines for theme parks reopening in California.

The California Attractions and Parks Association was able to see what some of these guidelines would be on Thursday. The organization urged the governor to not finalize them before discussing them with the organization.

“While we are aligned on many of the protocols and health and safety requirements, there are many others that need to be modified if they are to lead to a responsible and reasonable amusement park reopening plan,” the association wrote. “We ask the Governor not to finalize guidance for amusement parks before engaging the industry in a more earnest manner, listening to park operators’ expertise, and collaborating with the industry on a plan that will allow for amusement parks to reopen responsibly while still keeping the health and safety of park employees and guests a top priority.”

According to spokesperson Nathan Click, the Newsom administration intends to release the guidelines on Friday. Newsom has said “unequivocally no” to the question on if he was bowing to pressure from Disney to reopen theme parks.

“We are not putting the health and safety of people visiting this state or recreating in this state at theme parks at risk,” Newsom said at a press conference near the Grass Fire.

Newsom created the Economic Recovery Task Force in April with a list of prominent business leaders, labor advocates, and political leaders. Iger was among the most prominent along with Apple CEO Tim Cook and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. It is unknown how often this task force is meeting or if it continues to meet.

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