Domestic Disney Dark Rides - DAPS MAGIC Live

Domestic Disney Dark Rides – DAPS MAGIC Live!

DAPS MAGIC Live is a series of live streams where the DAPS MAGIC team discuss and reminisce various topics. The most recent topic was on the dark rides found at the domestic Disney Parks. What’s this mean? The team debated and wrestled with the merits of what made for the best dark ride at any of the Disney theme parks in the United States. They did this by first determining which dark attraction was the best in each theme park. Then from that, the best dark ride was picked for a resort. Then the top dark rides were pitted against each other from the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

To be a dark ride it was determined that it had to be a non-thrill attraction that the entire family could go on. Join Mr. DAPs, Caitie, and Murray as they dig into what the best Disney dark ride domestically is in this edition of DAPS MAGIC Live!

Which one would you choose as the top Disney dark ride domestically? Join the conversation below!

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