FuelRod Swapping to Remain Free at Disney Parks!

FuelRod swapping at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts continue to be free for guests who have purchased the portable chargers. Recently, signs appeared on the kiosks throughout the domestic parks indicating that on November 1st, there would be a $3 charge for swapping fuel rods.

Disney has made the decision to not implement the $3 fee for swapping until further notice. Disney officials told DAPS MAGIC this morning that guests will be able to “continue to swap their FuelRod portable chargers using FuelRod’s owned and operated kiosks at Walt Disney World and Disneyland for no additional cost.”

The FuelRods have proven to be quite popular at both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Guests can purchase one for $30 and then swap them out to continue to maintain a charge on their phone throughout their visit. As Disney Parks have utilized their individual apps for the resorts along with the Play Disney apps, the FuelRods have been very helpful in being able to enjoy what the apps have to offer without worrying about a dead battery before the end of the day.

DAPS MAGIC will continue to cover this story and update it if there are any future changes.