Disney to Charge for Swapping Portable Chargers

Disney to Charge for Swapping Portable Chargers

Throughout the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts guests have been swapping out portable chargers for free after purchasing them at kiosks for $30. This is all about to change. Starting on November 1st, there will be a $3 charge to swap out fuel rods. New signage was added to the fuel rod kiosks throughout both Resorts overnight that indicated the upcoming price change.

The fuel rods first came to Walt Disney World in 2016 and then later Disneyland. They soon became popular with guests who find more battery usage for phones and devices. This is partially due to people’s Disney experiences relying more and more on apps, phone cameras, and also social media.

What do you think of the $3 charge for swapping out portable chargers? Do you use them? If so, will it change how you use them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Disney to Charge for Swapping Portable Chargers”

  1. While I understand the business need, I’m sad that we’ll be charged the $3. The convenience of being able to swap during a 8hr or more visit to the parks will be missed. I’ll probably stop using the park fuel rod and bring my own.

  2. I only paid the high price for the low quality charger, because it had free swaps. I have much better chargers that work longer, but I decided to get the fuel rod for the swapping convenience. I was shocked when I went to Universal and they charged the $3 fee, I walked away, didn’t pay and thought.. “well I guess I will only use it at Disneyland”.
    I won’t pay the $3 out of principle, it is false advertising as it was sold to me 1 month ago and the sign said free swapping.
    Had they had originally charged a fair price for the unit and stated $3 swaps, I probably would have done it, and not swapped too often. Honestly the fuelrod is worth about $10, if you compare to other similar units. They should sell for $10 then charge the $3.

  3. Fuel Rods is a private company not owned by Disney, it is not Disney raising the prices this time.You can buy the fuel rods on line at half the price as at the kiosks around the world.

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