Sunday Spotlight: Fantasy in the Sky

Fireworks are a mainstay of entertainment at the Disneyland Resort. The original fireworks spectacular at Disneyland began after a request from Walt Disney himself. Fantasy in the Sky opened above the skies of the original magic kingdom in 1958. This classic show would continue in the summers and for special occasions at Disneyland until October 1999. In the last couple of decades, Fantasy in the Sky has been shown sporadically. Most recently, they were shown for Disney After Dark: Throwback Nite. They have also been presented around the world with different variations at different Disney Theme Parks through the years as well.

Fantasy in the Sky – Disney After Dark: Throwback Nite

Since it ended its regular run in 1999, Disneyland has brought several other fireworks spectaculars to the resort. Following Fantasy in the Sky Disneyland presented Believe…There’s Magic in the Stars for its 45th anniversary. This was followed in 2004-2005 by Imagine…A Fantasy In The Sky. In 2005 Remember… Dreams Came True brought the skies of Disneyland alive for its 50th anniversary. Magical: Disney’s New Nighttime Spectacular of Magical Celebrations then followed in 2009. It continued to run in summers until 2014 with Remember… Dreams Come True, Halloween Screams, and Believe… in Holiday Magic being presented during the other seasons. Disneyland Forever debuted at the Disneyland Resort as part of its 60th-anniversary celebration in 2015.

The fireworks are a favorite for many people visiting Disneyland. Which fireworks show at Disneyland is your favorite?