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Your Guide to Getting a Boarding Pass for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

This weekend, Disneyland opened one of the most epic attractions in park history. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance combines multiple ride systems to tell the story of the Resistance escaping from the clutches of Kylo Ren and the First Order. Of course, when an attraction this incredible opens, guests flock from all over to have their chance to ride! This article will act as your guide to getting a boarding pass for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance!

What is a boarding pass?

Most guests coming into Disneyland are expecting to wait in a long line. Traditionally, when a new attraction opens, you can see lines stretching all over the park. These queues have at times soared well over 8 to 10 hours and would leave guests not able to do much else but wait in line. Now, Disney is offering an innovative solution! Disneyland is offering “Boarding groups”, which is a virtual return time to come back to the attraction. This lets guests experience all there is to do around Disneyland Resort while they wait!

How to Get a Boarding Pass

Before you travel to the Disneyland Resort, make sure you have the Disneyland App downloaded and updated on your phone! You also want to make sure that your park ticket has been activated at the front gate before the park opens! If there are other guests in your party that you would like to join the Resistance with you, make sure you have those tickets loaded on your app as well!

There is also an opportunity to get physical boarding passes at kiosks throughout the park. This is not necessarily the best option as boarding groups have been going very quickly. You want to be able to hop into the digital queue right when the park opens, which is not necessarily possible with the physical kiosks.

When the park officially opens, this will be your chance to grab boarding passes! On the main page of the Disneyland App, you will see a section dedicated to Rise of the Resistance. When park opening hits, this is the area you want to be in! The button that says “Join a boarding group” will turn orange! When you click on the button, you can choose which park tickets you want to bring with you to your group. For the best chance, have everyone in your group ready with the app and have everyone trying!

What Next?

If all went according to plan, you have a boarding group! Depending on the number, you could be considered a back-up boarding group. This means that you aren’t necessarily guaranteed a spot on the attraction but, if all goes well inside Galaxy’s Edge, you could get on!

Boarding groups have been going in under ten minutes, so there is a likelihood that guests may walk away with no boarding group. The great news? There are still so many incredible attractions to experience around the Disneyland Resort and there will be more opportunities to get a boarding group in the future!

If you were lucky enough to grab a boarding group, be sure to keep checking back to see what groups Disney is calling! We recommend turning your push notifications from the Disneyland App, as this will be a surefire way to make sure you don’t miss your group! Once your boarding group is called, you have one hour to return to the Resistance camp to join the great fight against the First Order. From there, you are ready to take down Supreme Leader Kylo Ren!

Of course, anything is possible! If the attraction experiences some hiccups, be sure to bring your patience and good humor along with you. Be kind to the cast members, as they want to make sure that you have the best experience!

We hope that your guide has been helpful as you plan your journey to joining the Resistance! For a visual guide, be sure to check out the video below as we walk you through the process on the Disneyland App! If it helped you, be sure to share this with other potential Resistance recruits on Twitter and Facebook.


4 responses to “Your Guide to Getting a Boarding Pass for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance”

  1. Does everyone in the boarding group need to be present to make a reservation or can one person be there to get a boarding group for multiple people (there will be 4 of us but there is little chance 2 people will make it to the park early enough to get a boarding group). Thanks!

    1. Hi Amy!

      Unfortunately, everyone does need to be in the park in order to join a boarding group. I hope you’re able to get a boarding group for your group and enjoy the attractions! Best wishes!


  2. Whats up with boarding groups on the physicall kiosk? do they ran out as fast?

    1. Hi there!

      The digital and physical boarding groups follow the same structure. When digital boarding passes run out, there may be some left at physical kiosks but those are in the final numbers of back up boarding groups. It’s not normally the best option for getting an early group, as the groups go so quickly on the app.

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