Mickey and the Red Car Trolley News Boys have said goodbye for the last time. With hundreds in attendance, the popular show ended its seven-year run at the Disneyland Resort. The heat of the day didn’t dampen the spirits of those who showed up to say goodbye. The show opened in 2012 with the opening of Buena Vista Street and has been a staple for the area ever since. In it, the message that anybody can go from a nobody to a somebody is shared along with the story of Walt Disney coming to California with Mickey Mouse!

DAPS MAGIC was on hand to get footage of this final performance of this show. As the show began, the emotion was high. As they said “let’s sell some papes” the aside was added, “for the last time.” For the final song, other former cast joined behind the show to sing along as everyone went off to seize the day. The show was full of cheering throughout and was a wonderful sendoff to all of those who have made it so magical. Check it out here:

The Red Car Trolley News Boys opened on Buena Vista Street on June 15, 2012. The show was built around the new Red Car Trolleys that made their way through Hollywood Land and Buena Vista Street. Earlier this year, the Red Car Trolleys were put out of service as the new Marvel-themed land began to take shape. It is expected that the Red Car Trolleys will return but it is unknown if this show, or a variation of it, will be returning.

Through the years, the show has undergone a few variations. For some time, Minnie Mouse and an extra song were included. Small changes were also made during the holidays. The cast included (or did include):

  • Sal
  • Johnny
  • Kip
  • Feets Charming
  • Brass Tacks
  • Shorty McGuire
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Molly the Messenger

Red Car Trolley News Boys Opening Day

Red Car Trolley News Boys Holiday Variation

Red Car Trolley News Boys Disneyland Resort 60th Anniversary Version

This is a show that was beloved by many guests who visited Disney California Adventure and it will most certainly be missed. If it has a future at the Disneyland Resort is unknown. However, many guests would be very happy to see both the news boys, Mickey Mouse, and the Red Car Trolley return to Buena Vista Street with a suitcase to pursue their dreams!