Red Car Trolley News Boys to Head Off to Hollywood For the Last Time on July 23rd

Since Buena Vista Street first opened in 2012 the Red Car Trolley News Boys have been a crowd pleaser in Carthay Circle. As they would arrive with the news of the day, Mickey Mouse would join with his suitcase and a dream. Through the support of his new news boy friends, Mickey would seize the day and head off to Hollywood! Soon, Mickey and the news boys will be heading to Hollywood for the last time. The end of this show will be on Tuesday July 23, 2019.

In a statement released by Disney, the reasoning behind the end of this show was revealed.

When Marvel construction required us to close the Red Car Trolley, we sought out a way to continue offering an adapted entertainment show for our Guests. However, as construction continues, and based on current viewership trends and the needs of the business, we have decided to close the show at this time.

Without the trolley, the show just didn’t offer the same value to guests.

The trolley discontinued service in April due to work being done for the future Marvel themed area. The Red Car Trolley News Boys show was modified because of this. While Disney doesn’t explicitly say so, it does appear that the door was left open for a return of this show.

What do you think about this show saying goodbye? Will you miss it? What did you think of it without the trolley? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Opening Day of Red Car Trolley News Boys

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