Soarin' Over California Stays

Soarin’ Over California Stays at Disneyland Resort to Delight Flight Crews All Summer Long

Soarin’ you are cleared for takeoff! You may remember that Disneyland Resort has brought back Soarin’ Over California for the month of June. In exciting news, the return has been received so well that the attraction will be staying through Summer! We are so excited to watch at Soarin’ Over California stays to delight guests through August 31.

Soarin’ Over California was an opening day attraction at Disney California Adventure Park. It delighted guests as they took a hang gliding tour over the state. Whether you wanted to see the tops of Napa Valley or the Naval Air Station in San Diego, you could see it all first hand! In 2016, the attraction converted into Soarin’ Around the World for a look all around our planet. The screens and cameras had also been updated to make for an even more exciting experience.

Though Soarin’ Around the World has been a wonderful addition to the Disneyland Resort, fans have been absolutely thrilled to have the original back. Fans have been so thrilled, in fact, that lines have been even longer than normal! From the smells of the oranges to the wonderful score by Jerry Goldsmith, we just can’t wait to experience it, again and again, this summer!

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