Will the Captain Marvel Movie Change the MCU?

With the announcement of Skrulls in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, it could usher in a new huge story arc for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  But, what does that mean exactly?

Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion was storyline in Marvel Comics where it was found out that for many years Skrulls had taken over many heroes and their friends and family.  Skrulls are shape changing aliens that can mimic closely to DNA and even powers.  They study their subjects very carefully to take over almost flawlessly.  Their invasion was a slow burn of hiding out until forces could join those on earth.  It also enabled Marvel to bring back some long lost or “dead” characters because they had been kidnapped and taken over by Skrulls.

Skrulls and Captain Marvel

With the Captain Marvel film taking place a decade or so before Iron Man, it means that it’s possible to set up that Skrulls have established themselves since that time.  It can’t be a convenient plot point to have a film take place way before any of the other movies.  But, how could that really affect the MCU?

The Fakes

What could happen is that a lot of established characters in the movies have been Skrulls all along.  If some don’t get killed off or retire in the Infinity War film, or the sequel, then this may help switch out characters as the actors get older.  My theory on who is a Skrull is…

“Thunderbolt” Ross

The Secretary of State who established the Sokovia Accords could be a Skrull.  It’s a bit fitting since the Accords helped bring about the Marvel Civil War.  It would also give reason to repeal the Accords because it was brought about by an alien invader.

Nick Fury

I know it’d be controversial, but Fury could be a Skrull…at least a version of him.  He’s the best spy in the Marvel universe and we could have seen the real and Skrull version all the time.  It’s possible he’s known about the invasion for some time and was setting up defenses in all this time.  His presence in Captain Marvel seems ripe for the picking of the character to be kidnapped and turned into alien.


We don’t really know what happens to Bucky whenever he disappears at times.  It’s possible he was kidnapped and his identity taken over by a Skrull.  And maybe it means the real Bucky didn’t actually kill a certain character’s parents.


Even though he is often with his family, there could be other times that after a mission he’s talking to Skrull headquarters.  His desire to retire would be a bit fitting.

Wakandan Royal Court Official

Another possibility is someone in Black Panther’s royal court.  The plot for the upcoming movie sounds like some are going to try to overthrow the new king.  A Skrull could be one of them.  I mean, what would be better than to rule a whole country with powerful resources.

Other Supporting Cast

I find it more likely that there won’t be a lot of heroes that will be taken over by Skrulls, but their friends and family instead.  It could be like a ransom situation, or that they could influence the heroes.

Another likely thing is that a few villains will be Skrulls, especially from Hydra.

Who Knows?

Of course this is all speculation.  The set up could be for another storyline entirely.  But, my bet is on a set up for Secret Invasion.  It makes for a good overlaying story throughout future Marvel films.  It provides any fan favorites to return or others to exit.  We will see when Captain Marvel is out in theaters next year.

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