Make a Pitstop at Flo’s V8 Cafe at Disney California Adventure Park for an All-New Tasty Menu

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Starting today, guests are invited to fuel up with brand new Route 66-inspired cuisine! You can now stop by Flo's V8 at Disney California Adventure Park and treat your taste buds to something new! Pit [...]

Mobile Ordering Service Comes to Dining at Disneyland Resort in California

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Ordering food at the Disneyland Resort is about to get even easier! A brand new mobile ordering service will be coming soon to some of your favorite food locations. Guests will be able to find participating locations, [...]

Alfresco Tasting Terrace: Hidden Disney by Caitie & Cam

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Hidden Disney is a series celebrating the lesser-known corners of the Disney Parks, written by two avid crowd-avoiders and secret-enthusiasts. We will be delving in to tips & tricks we’ve learned from personal experience frequenting [...]

NEW Series: A Disney Vegan!

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Hey Daps Magic readers! I’m here to announce an exciting new food series focused on all things ridiculously delicious! Over the last 2 years, my diet has significantly changed, mostly due to some health reasons, [...]

A Disneylanders Guide to Planning a Walt Disney World Vacation

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Going to Disneyland is a regular occurrence for me. I usually go on Sundays, and sometimes a night after work. Before I moved to Southern California, planning to go to Disneyland wasn’t too involved. I [...]

Harbour Galley Serves Up Delicious Classic Seafood and Seasonal Soup

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Harbour Galley In the spirit of a true waterside eatery, Harbour Galley serves seafood and sourdough bread bowls. The seafood focus sets this menu apart from other bread bowl stops such as nearby Royal Veranda and Pacific Warf [...]

Experience ‘The Music of Pixar LIVE!’ At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Reservations are now available for dining packages to experience The Music of Pixar LIVE! at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This limited time offering offers guests the chance to experience 40 minutes of Pixar music that includes a [...]

Disneytown – Shanghai’s New Kind of Downtown Disney

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China's premier Disney Resort is set to be one of the best as it opens fully to the public.  But, before the opening of the parks and hotel, Disneytown premiered to those that wanted to [...]

3 Reasons To Do The World Of Color Dessert Party

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The World of Color Dessert Party at Disney California Adventure is relatively new to the park.  It premiered in March and has been entertaining guests through both show and food.  Guests are seated at tables [...]