Ralph Breaks the Internet – Home Entertainment Review by Mr. DAPs

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In Ralph Breaks the Internet, the world of Ralph and Vanellope has expanded massively. It picked up six years after Wreck-it Ralph. Ralph thinks life is pretty much perfect, Vanellope is hoping for more. However, [...]

Grandma’s M&M Cookies – GEEK EATS Ralph Breaks the Internet Sugar Rush Recipe

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Think of Wreck-it Ralph or Ralph Breaks the Internet and it is pretty hard to not conjure up images of sweets. As Vanellope whizzes through the tracks of Sugar Rush, every sweet treat imaginable is [...]

  • Wreck-It Ralph Stars Ralph and Vanellope at Their New Location in Epcot

Meet Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph” Stars Ralph and Vanellope at Their New Location in Epcot

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Last fall, "Wreck-It Ralph" stars Ralph and Vanellope took to Epcot to meet guests. This week, the pair of pals have gotten an official home in Epcot where guests can find them daily! This all-new [...]

Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet – A Heartwarming Tale of Friendship and Dreams – Review by Mr. DAPs

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Six years after the events of Wreck-It Ralph things are going pretty well for Ralph and Vanellope. Every day is the same as Ralph and Vanellope spend their days in their games and enjoy their [...]

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet

Don’t Miss Your Chance to See Disney’s ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ as Tickets Go On Sale Today

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Are you ready? Tickets for the upcoming Disney film "Ralph Breaks the Internet" are on sale now and waiting for you! You can grab tickets for this highly anticipated sequel wherever you find your movie [...]

Celebrate #InternetDay with an All-New Clip from “Ralph Breaks the Internet” coming to Theaters November 21

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Happy #InternetDay! First celebrated in 2005, Internet Day pays homage to the World Wide Web and its origins. Watch for a full day of fun with “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” including new content on Twitter and [...]

Enjoy the Music of “Ralph Breaks the Internet” Featuring Music Composed by Alan Menken When the Album Releases November 16

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Ready to bring the music of "Ralph Breaks the Internet" home? In just a few short weeks, you'll be able to! The soundtrack will have everything from a traditional score to a play on a [...]

Get Ready for Ralph Breaks the Internet with Imagine Dragons Single for the End-Credits Song

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We're gonna wreck it! Imagine Dragons has officially signed on to help break the internet. The band released their single "Zero" today and are ready to make you dance! Ralph Breaks the Internet focuses on [...]

Get Ready to Break VR with the Void in Downtown Disney District with New Disney and Marvel Experiences Coming Soon

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Are you ready to break reality? Disney and Marvel are coming to The Void hyper-reality experience in the Downtown Disney District and guests will get to experience the stories first-hand! This Fall, Ralph Breaks VR will immerse [...]

  • Shank - Ralph Breaks the Internet

Disney Releases New Sneak Peek of Ralph Breaks the Internet

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Disney has released a new 60-second sneak peek of Ralph Breaks the Internet. The teaser introduces fans to a new character named Shank. Voiced by Gal Gadot (Justice League, Wonder Woman), Shank is a tough [...]

  • What Park Today? - GEEKS CORNER - Episode 836

What Park Today? – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 836

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Welcome to GEEKS CORNER! This week, there is a lot to cover and not enough time to cover it. The Disneyland Resort is updating the way it blocks out Disneyland Annual Passholders in its parks. [...]

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