Celebrate #InternetDay with an All-New Clip from “Ralph Breaks the Internet” coming to Theaters November 21

Happy #InternetDay! First celebrated in 2005, Internet Day pays homage to the World Wide Web and its origins. Watch for a full day of fun with “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” including new content on Twitter and an international poster rollout on Disney.com and Oh My Disney. Plus, visit Disney.com today and watch it get wrecked in honor of Ralph.

As our lovable heroes take a turn from the arcade world into the internet generation, they find out they have a lot to learn. In this new clip from Disney Animation, we see Ralph and Vanellope taking on the new idea of a search engine! While search engines have become another part of our daily life, Ralph just can’t seem to wrap his pixelated head on how to properly use it. Check out the clip below!

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Also in celebration of #InternetDay, Sarah Silverman (Vanellope) wanted to get in on the fun and wish the Internet a happy birthday! She gives us a little history on when the first internet connection was made and even a little bit on when the first internet crash was! Check out that fun clip below!

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What bit of the internet are you most excited to see when “Ralph Breaks the Internet” hits theaters November 21? How are you celebrating #InternetDay? Let us know!