Wreck-It Ralph Stars Ralph and Vanellope at Their New Location in Epcot

Meet Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph” Stars Ralph and Vanellope at Their New Location in Epcot

Last fall, “Wreck-It Ralph” stars Ralph and Vanellope took to Epcot to meet guests. This week, the pair of pals have gotten an official home in Epcot where guests can find them daily!

This all-new location is tucked into the Imagination Pavillion in Future World. The staff at the Imagination Institute has ben testing ways to connect with other dimensions. In their experiments, they found a way to bring the internet into Epcot! When the portal opened, Ralph and Vanellope stepped out and have been excited to meet guests!

Is meeting them just not enough? We can’t blame you! Catch the stars of “Wreck-it Ralph” in their sequel “Ralph Breaks the Internet”! The hit film is now available on Digital and comes to Blu-ray on February 26. Available for the first time on 4K Ultra HD! Take this story of friendship home during this season of love! Be sure to read our very own review by Mr. DAPS after we saw the film in theaters last year.

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