Enjoy the Music of “Ralph Breaks the Internet” Featuring Music Composed by Alan Menken When the Album Releases November 16

Ready to bring the music of “Ralph Breaks the Internet” home? In just a few short weeks, you’ll be able to! The soundtrack will have everything from a traditional score to a play on a traditional Disney Princess song, to a fun pop hit by Imagine Dragons! This album is sure to be fun for the whole family.

The album, available for digital download on November 16, will feature a big number featuring Vanellope von Schweetz who longs to be out of Sugar Rush. It will play off the tradition Disney Princess “I want” songs that show us where our heroine dreams of spending their days. In Vanellope’s case, she wants to be in “A Place Called Slaughter Race,” where she can outgrow the game she has spent so much time in. The music was composed by Oscar®-winning songwriter/composer Alan Menken and the lyrics were written by Phil Johnston and GRAMMY®-winning producer Tom MacDougall, meaning it will have all the heart of a traditional Disney song!

Composer Henry Jackman, who scored 2012’s “Wreck-It Ralph,” returns to score the follow-up. Jackman speaks to the fact that he wanted the score to feel like it was in the same world as the first film, but for the next generation. The sound of the score has moved from the arcade to the internet, and we absolutely can’t wait to hear it!

Of course, we have the hits from Imagine Dragons and Julia Michaels to bring us home. We have the end credits song from Imagine Dragons, “Zero”, that has already been released and made its way into fans hearts. Filmmakers called on GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter Julia Michaels to perform the second end-credit song, “In This Place,” a pop version of “A Place Called Slaughter Race.” This gives us not one, but two upbeat songs to carry us through the film’s credits!

What do you think of the new soundtrack listing? What are you most excited to hear first? Let us know!

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