Get Ready for Ralph Breaks the Internet with Imagine Dragons Single for the End-Credits Song

We’re gonna wreck it! Imagine Dragons has officially signed on to help break the internet. The band released their single “Zero” today and are ready to make you dance!

Ralph Breaks the Internet focuses on our friends from Wreck it Ralph, two video game outcasts who find friendship in each other and learn a lot about themselves on the way. This film focuses on some of the struggles that come with an emerging friendship and how scary it can be when it seems like it’s all you have. Imagine Dragons’ lead singer notes that the song touches on the main theme of the movie. “Zero” is about the upward battle of trying to find love within yourself, even when you feel like nothing.

Though the song deals with some heavy themes, it is contrasted with an upbeat song that makes audiences want to dance right out of the theater. Movie-goers will surely leave the theaters tapping their toes while the message of the movies stays in their hearts.

Alongside the song, Imagine Dragons also released a lyric video for the tune. Check it out below!

Are you excited by this choice of song? Will you be hearing it for yourself in theaters?

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