Get Ready to Break VR with the Void in Downtown Disney District with New Disney and Marvel Experiences Coming Soon

Are you ready to break reality? Disney and Marvel are coming to The Void hyper-reality experience in the Downtown Disney District and guests will get to experience the stories first-hand!

This Fall, Ralph Breaks VR will immerse you into the world of Wreck-it-Ralph and Vanellope and give you an opportunity to truly step inside the story. You may remember earlier this year when the Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire experience gave guests an opportunity to jump into the rebellion and experience the galaxy first hand. These new Disney stories are going to give guests an opportunity to do it again!

Alongside guests being able to tap into the video game world Wreck-It-Ralph, guests will be able to be a hero of their own story when the Marvel storylines come to The Void next year. Though it is unclear what hero guests will be focusing on in this story, Marvel’s pre-announced 2019 films are Captain Marvel, Spiderman: Far from Home, and an Avengers film, and it is assumed that the experience will focus in on one of those worlds.

Have you experienced the Star Wars hyper-reality experience? What Marvel story do you hope to experience? Let us know!

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