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More “Indiana Jones 5” Photos Released Giving More Insight Into Movie

More photos for the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 have been released ahead of the arrival of the film in theaters next June. The photos give more insight, albeit only a little, into the adventure that Indiana Jones will be going on. They also show some of the people that will be around him, both friend and foe. While there isn’t a lot of context shared with the photos, there are some things that can be deduced while looking at them.

The next Indiana Jones movie will be the final time that Harrison Ford dons the hat and leather coat. The storyline will take place in the 60s and pit Indy against his original foes, the Nazis. They are now a part of the space race within NASA, presumably with their own nefarious agenda. Mads Mikkelsen will be playing one of them named Voller. At this time, it isn’t known what that is or what the overarching story is for the film. Lucasfilm is keeping that pretty tightly under wraps. It is known that there will be a de-aged Indy seen in the film, presumably setting up the conflict of the storyline for the rest of the film. Fans will also get to meet and see Indiana Jones’ goddaughter Helena, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, as well.

Take a look at the new Indiana Jones 5 photos here:

Looking at the photos it appears there is a look back into the de-aged scenes of the film with Indiana Jones and a companion facing off against what appears to be a Nazi. The rest of the photos look like action and adventure shots throughout the film that appear to take place in the 60s. One shows Indiana Jones running down a street through traffic and clearly upsetting a driver. Another shows one of the villains on a motorcycle, presumably after Indy and company. The answers surrounding all of these photos completely most likely won’t be answered until June 2023.

Indiana Jones 5 will be arriving in theaters on June 30, 2022. At this point, a trailer has not been released for the film. However, one was shown at the D23 Expo earlier this fall. An official title has not been unveiled yet either. What do you think of what you are seeing so far of Indiana Jones 5? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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