Nominate your Hometown Hero for a Trip to Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

This year, Disney wants to celebrate the people in your community that have done the most! Disney has begun the search for #DisneyMagicMakers, people in your community that have made an impact with kindness or generosity. Do you want to nominate your local hometown hero? Disney is giving you the chance to honor them with a Walt Disney World Resort vacation and a year’s subscription to Disney+!

The Walt Disney Company has commit to rewarding 50 magic making individuals with a trip to Walt Disney World to celebrate “The World’s Most Magic Celebration”. Disney has noted that “Magic moments come in all shapes and sizes, from simple, sincere acts between neighbors to massive acts of charity, kindness and generosity. What binds these special moments together is the way they raise spirits, inspire communities, and connect people to one another.”

Josh D’Amaro noted that Disney was inspired by the pandemic and all the acts of human kindness that brought people together. “All of us at Disney have been inspired by the countless acts of goodwill by people across the country throughout the pandemic. These magic makers and their stories have changed us in ways we never imagined.  That’s why we’re so proud to celebrate those who continue to make everyday magic a reality.”

Are you excited to get your hometown hero nominated for their own special trip? Be sure to visit DisneyMagicMakers.Com to share your story of the ways you have personally been touched by your nominee’s kindness and generosity. Want to get more ideas of what a champion in your community looks like? Be sure to watch the video from Disney below!

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