UPDATE: Newsom’s Team Returns From Last Week’s Trip to Walt Disney World

In a press conference yesterday, California Governor Gavin Newsom stated that he would be sending out a team to Florida to review Walt Disney World’s protocol. We have now learned that Newsom’s team actually returned from last week’s trip and are ready to reimagine what’s possible!

The main point of the trip was to find the truth of what is happening in Central Florida. California’s Governor stated that it is one thing. to hear about it or read through the protocol. He wanted to send a team himself so they could report back on their findings. This “stubborn research” will become part of the guidelines that have been drafted for theme parks reopening.

This comes after Governor Gavin Newsom has stated that he is in “no hurry” to release the reopening guidelines for California theme parks. Personally, I find it encouraging that teams are observing how other states were able to safely reopen different economic sectors. Hopefully, this will lead to seeing theme parks reopen soon!

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