Some Movies Are Leaving Disney+ But They’ll Most Likely Be Back

Since Disney+ arrived on screens in November, it has been growing rapidly in subscriptions and also in content. One thing that wasn’t expected though was for some of the content to leave Disney’s new streaming service.

Eagle eyed viewers have noticed that some movies have disappeared from Disney+.Home Alone and its sequel is no longer on Disney+. Other movies like Dr. Dolittle, The Sandlot and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides have also disappeared. There is a reason for these films leaving that isn’t Disney just pulling movies. Instead, they are part of agreements that were already in place that give streaming rights to other services. Disney did warn that this could possibly happen. Once the agreements have expired, the movies will return to Disney+.

At this time 12 films have pulled from the streaming service. It should be noted that if a subscriber had downloaded the film before it was pulled from Disney+ they will still be able to watch the movie. Disney+ continues to add more titles on a weekly basis.

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