For decades the Disney Channel has been putting out original movies. These movies will most likely never win any awards but they have won their places in the hearts of Disney fans through the decades. From Tiger Town, Under Wraps (which GEEKS CORNER producer Tyler was in), Halloweentown, Phantom of the Megaplex in the old days to more recent flicks like The Cheetah Girls movie or the High School Musical movies, these Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs) have carved themselves a place in entertainment history.

One big question that has been asked about DCOMs is if they would be appearing on Disney+. This morning Disney+ answered this question on twitter with a strong yes.

Disney+ will be arriving in homes on November 12, 2019. Does the inclusion of DCOMs influence your decision to subscribe to Disney+ in any way? Share your thoughts on DCOMs on Disney+ in the comments below!